• AssetWise APM SAP Connector - The asset performance management process for SAP EAM

    AssetWise APM SAP Connector

    The asset performance management process for SAP EAM

Asset Performance Management for SAP EAM

Reduce risk of asset failure, using AssetWise APM and SAP EAM together to support and drive a proactive process to manage asset performance and reliability. AssetWise APM will help you eliminate unexpected downtime, increase availability and utilization, and reduce maintenance costs as well as ensure safety and provide proof of regulatory compliance. AssetWise APM is aligned with ISO 55001 asset management standard and has a certified integration to SAP EAM.
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    • Access asset and work history
    • Initiate work orders
    • Synchronize asset master data
  • Access asset and work history

    • ​Gain visibility into your asset and work history while inspecting assets or conducting corrective actions. With AssetWise APM used as a front-end to your EAM system for reliability and asset performance management, engineers and technicians have direct access to asset and work order information, even when disconnected from the network.
  • Initiate work

    • Correctly identifying the right work from multiple sources of asset condition data is a key first step in the proactive maintenance workflow process. AssetWise APM collects, consolidates, and analyzes asset-condition data from all sources, including visual inspection results, to identify the correct repair work and initiate the workflow process in your EAM system.
  • Synchronize asset master data

    • ​Synchronize key master data from your enterprise asset management (EAM) system so you can build and manage your reliability and integrity management programs in a system built for the job. AssetWise APM enables you to confidently establish a risk-based strategy to manage asset performance and maintain overall visibility to current asset health.
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