AssetWise Inspections

Make Bridge Inspections Faster, Easier, and Safer

Streamline Your Bridge Inspection Process

Bridge inspectors need to quickly, efficiently, and safely collect, analyze, and manage a broad range of data to improve and maintain the condition of their infrastructure assets.

AssetWise Inspections enables rapid capture, analysis, and management of data in the field or from the office, empowering organizations to improve the decisions they make while meeting regulatory reporting requirements and ensuring safe and reliable infrastructure assets.

Smarter Bridge Inspections


Optimize and Adapt

Optimize inspections of bridges and related assets with our highly configurable solution, safe in the knowledge that it can adapt to changing requirements without the time and cost of customization.

Expand and Connect

Quickly link inspection data from multiple systems and a variety of formats to provide a holistic view of trusted asset information wherever and whenever you need it.

Immerse Yourself

Using mixed reality with Microsoft HoloLens 2, perform inspections on a digital twin of your asset from the safety and comfort of your home or office, reducing risk and saving up to 40% in total costs.

Maintain Compliance

Accelerate the preparation and timely submission of regulatory reporting requirements, including FHWA, SNBI, NBI, and NBE.

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