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Providing software to the world’s leading engineers, architects, geospatial professionals, constructors and owner-operators to help them solve their most complex infrastructure challenges gives us a unique perspective.

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  • Going Digital to Advance Infrastructure Delivery
    Going Digital to Advance Infrastructure Delivery

    This article originally appeared in the March 2018 edition of McKinsey & Company’s Voices, published through the Global Infrastructure Initiative

  • Artificial Intelligence AI Going Digital Perspectives Stub
    Recognition and Reasoning: How Artificial Intelligence is Helping the Infrastructure Industry in Going Digital

    With computers surpassing human error rates, AI no longer relates to just the technology industry, with infrastructure using it across all types of projects

  • iSt-536273155_railway-sunset_stub
    Redefining the Digital Landscape of Rail and Transit

    Embracing digital workflows will enable the rail industry to access trusted information wherever and whenever it is needed

  • Perspective Beijing City
    Advancing BIM: Digital Twins

    It’s time to learn how to create, visualize and analyze digital twins

  • Smart Factory Concept
    How Digital Twins Will Drive Innovation in the Energy Sector

    It’s time to learn how to create, visualize and analyze digital twins

  • Industry Night Abstract
    Data is the New Infrastructure

    We are in the business of asset outcomes, and digital assets are as important as the physical assets they represent