• AssetWise Drives Your Digital Strategy with Software Support for the Uptime® Elements™

  • IOT | Internet of Things Digitalization Strategy

    As digitalization and IoT adoption increases in an enterprise, data will grow exponentially. At the same time, the foundational information about your asset(s) changes over time, with every sensor you add and every design modification you make to improve performance. As a result, accessing the right data at the right time can be time-consuming and troublesome if you are not sure of its accuracy. AssetWise supports your implementation of IoT to gain insights from data systematically and make fast and informed decisions. With AssetWise, you have digital line of sight – the proof (in digital format) of trusted accessible information to make accurate decisions. Workers have the proof (in digital format) of the reasons behind their daily activities and asset knowledge (Ak) is properly documented. In addition, the IoT data you are collecting is properly tracked against the asset and within its maintenance/reliability program for regulatory compliance.

  • REM | Reliability Engineering for Maintenance

    AssetWise provides software support for multiple reliability strategies, including reliability-centered maintenance, failure modes and effects analysis, risk-based inspection, safety integrity level, and root cause analysis. Assess criticality and prioritize assets according to risk before selecting the right reliability methodology to build a technically validated program. Leverage digital twins to optimize the operation and maintenance of physical assets, systems, and manufacturing processes.

  • ACM | Asset Condition Management

    Eliminate islands of data as AssetWise consolidates and analyzes condition data from the Infrastructure Internet of Things (IIoT) and all sources, displaying the results in a dashboard. You can visualize the overall asset health and act to prevent failure. Use machine learning and advanced analytics to discover otherwise hard-to-see patterns in your data to predict asset degradation.

  • WEM | Work Execution Management

    Add a focus on reliability and asset performance to your enterprise asset management (EAM) system or use the fully featured EAM and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) capabilities within AssetWise. Supporting operator and maintenance inspections on an easy-to-use mobile platform ensures consistency and quality. AssetWise links tasks back to the strategy and failure mode, so you understand why actions are to be taken.

  • LER | Leadership for Reliability

    To gain support for your initiative, Bentley can help you assess digital and reliability process maturity. We help develop a business case for your reliability-improvement project and/or digitalization transformation plan to secure executive sponsorship.

  • AM | Asset Management

    To ensure sustainable success, process and communication must be priorities. AssetWise KPIs and dashboards help enforce process discipline, delivering visibility of an asset’s current status across the whole operation. By capturing and storing asset knowledge and information within a living information model, AssetWise helps you make decisions with engineering precision and continuously improve toward operational excellence.