Create 3D Reality Meshes with ContextCapture

ContextCapture is a comprehensive, scalable, and interoperable reality modeling application for producing 3D engineering-ready reality meshes for consumption in any engineering or GIS workflows.  Quickly create and share highly detailed 3D reality meshes using photos and/or point clouds, resulting in fine details, sharp edges, and geometric accuracy.  

Start Producing 3D Reality Models Now

Experience the power of ContextCapture by downloading the trial version, quick start guide, datasets and data acquisition guide.

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    Download the Quick Start Guide

    This helpful guide is for users installing and running ContextCapture for the first time. 

  • Download Datasets and Data Acquisition Guide

    Quickly get started using the photo and point cloud datasets.  And learn best practices in the guide.

  • Check out ContextCapture videos

    View reality modeling tutorials and overview.

ContextCapture Products and Services Coming Soon

  • ContextCapture cloud processing service enables users to produce 3D engineering-ready reality meshes without high-end hardware   requirements or IT constraints

  • ContextCapture mobile app gives users access to effective 3D modeling tools without requiring specific device or processing hardware to   quickly capture and share reality models

  • ContextCapture photo planning application helps users plan 3D capture missions leveraging existing 3D map data

  • ProjectWise ContextShare cloud service allows users to quickly and securely manage, search, download, and stream extremely large quantities   of Reality Modeling data

Learn more about ContextCapture.