• Transforming and validating i-models - make information fit-for-purpose

    Transforming and Validating i-models

    Make information fit-for-purpose

Transforming and Validating i-models

In order to ensure i-models have just the right information required for each stakeholder and for each unique purpose, i-models enable you to:

You can filter data included in the model to provide the appropriate scope and level of detail needed to support downstream uses of the information, for example, filtering the design data in the i-model so that only the information required for estimation and procurement of the material for the curtain walls of a building is included.

Enhance i-models with other project data required to improve decisions throughout the project and to enhance its subsequent value. For example, you could augment a design model with the equipment damage status data in order to allow the visualization of this information within the context of the model.

Validate design and other project data for compliance with project standards to ensure that the required information is handed over from one project team to another. For example, you can validate that process lines, equipment and other components in a plant model are tagged while ensuring that their values are unique and that they follow project tagging standards.

i-model Transformer
The i-model Transformer add-in for Bentley products which supports this functionality is available to SELECT Subscribers on the Software Center of your Personal Portal.

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