• i-models

    Access and share information-rich models

Specialized Container for Exchanging Infrastructure Information

Share information-rich models securely, accurately and in a relevant context for all stakeholders, providing a complete multidisciplinary view of projects, as well as serving as a reliable means to capture feedback from project participants.

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What is an i-model?

Containers for conveying AECO information

What is an iModel and why should you use them?

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Creating i-models

Publish from CAD and BIM applications

Directly produce iModels on the desktop from your preferred design environment, including MicroStation, other Bentley or non-Bentley software products or via a free plug-in, or through the Bentley iModels Composer.

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Validating & Transforming i-models

Make information fit-for-purpose

When creating iModels, there are several unique things you can do to ensure the right information is available for the stakeholders who will use them.

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Using i-models

Use i-models for many purposes

i-models can be used to address many different needs, including many common design, construction, and operations workflows that greatly benefit from access to information rich models.

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