Italferr Going Digital

with Bentley

Bridge Design Project: A EUR 202 million project to design a replacement for a collapsed bridge in only three months incorporating a simple design that included new safety standards on the same footprint as the previous bridge.

What’s the Outcome?

  • To ensure the accuracy of the design while staying on schedule, Italferr used Bentley’s BIM methodology and created a digital twin of the viaduct to streamline workflows throughout the design phase.
  • The creation of efficient operational methods within a BIM environment enabled Italferr to reduce design costs, accelerate design decisions, increase accuracy, and improve communication among the multidiscipline team.
    4D visualization of the construction phase allowed designers to tag design features and pinpoint critical issues in advance, which led to a faster and more efficient construction schedule.

What products were used?


Civil Design Software for Road Networks


Project Delivery and Collaboration Software


Digital Construction Management Software


Visualization and Reality Modeling Software


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Daniela Aprea Daniela Aprea Daniela Aprea

BIM methodology on this project follows the digital twin approach. The enhanced visibility and insight allowed us to change how we deal with the design and management of infrastructure work.

Daniela Aprea

BIM Manager, Italferr S.p.A.