Jacobs and Network Rail Going Digital

With Bentley

Jacobs and Network Rail are advancing digital and analytical capabilities through a digital twins approach, that by the end of 2021 had delivered more than £2m in savings on the Transpennine Route Upgrade.

What’s the Outcome?

  • Bentley’s iTwin technology has enabled 3D design reviews, clash and hazard identification directly on the digital twin, and created a step change in efficiency and collaboration.

  • Access to information throughout the project lifecycle has improved by 40 percent helping to create more sustainable design and construction solutions on the program.

  • Data-driven decision making is projected to deliver; £2m saving as a result of preventable delay compensation payments, meaning 140 more trains and 20,000 more passengers arriving on time.
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What products were used?

Infrastructure Digital Twins

Connect the Physical and Virtual World


Powered by iTwin

Other Products Used: MicroStation, ContextCapture and OpenBuildings Designer

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Multidiscipline Design And Engineering Solutions

Steven Yule Steven Yule Steven Yule

“Pulling data together in a common environment not only makes a civil engineer’s life easier, it means we can make better decisions, quicker decisions, more effective decisions, resulting in the ability to deliver better value for our clients.”

Steven Yule

Senior Associate Director and Practice Group Lead Jacobs