CHENGDU Going Digital

With Bentley

Chengdu advances BIM and GIS to digital twins on a CNY 1.38 billion redevelopment project, including 4.3 kilometers of new roads, pedestrian paths, and underground infrastructure. The team improved efficiency and collaboration with all stakeholders. Digital twin workflows improved expertise across design disciplines and construction, setting a precedent for all future city-scale projects.

What was the outcome?

  • Chengdu used digital twins for planning, construction, demolition, and asset management, as well as created digital context using ContextCapture to develop a reality mesh model for the entire city.
  • OpenRoads and OpenBuildings helped support modeling of road and bridge structures, and ProjectWise allowed supported design collaboration across roads, bridges, and utilities, helping to improve work efficiency by 20%.
  • The multidiscipline solution enabled Chengdu to detect and resolve 16 collisions and reduce construction drawing time by 120 hours.
  • LumenRT helped provide visually aesthetic and easy-to-understand project details for all stakeholders, leading to faster approvals.

“Intelligent transportation and the digital model are the foundation of a digital city. Digital twins provide a lightweight model, which expands the use of BIM applications beyond the project to the delivery of digital assets.”

Zhiyong Yang

Project Director
Chengdu Municipal Engineering and Research Design Institute

What products were used?


Reality Modeling Software


Civil Design Software


Multidiscipline Building Design Software


Project Delivery and Collaboration Software

Other Products Used: LumenRT, Descartes, gINT

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