Improving Performance and Resilience
for Cities

Advancing performance to deliver resilient infrastructure

Digital twins can help you improve operations, build resiliency, help you plan for the future, and connect citizens and businesses in innovative ways. Learn more in the virtual events.


Reality modeling for operations

ContextCapture and Orbit provides 4D digital context for digital twins at campus and city scale for asset inspection and maintenance, planning, and resilience modeling.


2D and 3D GIS 

OpenCities Map provides editing, analysis, and management of 2D and 3D GIS to the intelligent semantic modeling at city scale.


Urban planning at city-scale

OpenCities Planner provides a cloud-based environment to visualize and communicate projects and plans at site, campus, or city scale.


Resilience modeling and simulation

OpenFlows FLOOD supports modeling and simulation for urban flood resilience, providing comprehensive and actionable insights for flood risk assessment and mitigation.


Digital mobility analytics 

CUBE and Streetlytics provide predictive transportation modeling to design, test, and optimize safe, efficient, and environmentally sustainable mobility systems.


Pedestrian simulation

LEGION supports simulation for enhanced footfall, wayfinding, crowd management, and safety/security, helping architects, buildings owners, and cites optimize the use of space.


Building design and analysis

OpenBuildings provides an open modeling environment for design and analysis of buildings, facilities and campuses including energy efficiency and pedestrian simulations. 


Water system operations

OpenFlows helps to accurately mirror and simulate current conditions and performance, including pressure, pump outage, fire, leakage, energy allocation, water quality, and demand/capacity management for water and sewer systems.

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