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It’s time to work the way the world lives. It’s time for the industry to apply digital technology on infrastructure projects to close the productivity gap with other industries.

You may already be going digital, but you need to overcome your fear of uncertainty, embrace change, and realize the benefits of digital innovation. How do you get there? How can you accelerate your pace of possible?

Whether you are a project delivery firm, consultant, contractor, or owner-operator, we can help you accelerate your digital advancement. By building digital competencies and capabilities, you can accelerate project delivery and improve asset performance. We can help you get the most value out of your data in a connected data environment, and help you make better decisions, gain insights, improve asset performance, and achieve better business outcomes.

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Accelerate your digital advancement … accelerate your pace of possible.

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A connected data environment (CDE) is a set of cloud-provisioned services to support the infrastructure lifecycle, spanning project delivery and asset performance. By enabling a CDE, firms can better manage critical project information and documentation through a collaborative environment for all disciplines and stakeholders. Digital workflows, digital components, and digital context are at the heart of a CDE, helping you in your going digital journey.
With a CDE, you can better manage your information, ensuring it is consistent, trusted, and accurate. You can share the benefits of an open, integrated, and connected framework to realize your digital potential. Through better management of critical information, you can improve decision-making and deliver better business outcomes.

Embracing a CDE puts you in control of your data. By working the way the world lives, you can accelerate productivity, make smarter decisions, and drive higher performance.
Digital workflows help you collaborate, communicate, and manage project processes and data more effectively. They allow disciplines to standardize and federate for more productive workflows. They allow applications and systems to access data created for one purpose and use it elsewhere – streamlining work and improving data quality over the infrastructure lifecycle.

Digital workflows give you an opportunity to add more value to your work. By bringing added intelligence to your designs, you can deliver value to other disciplines in construction, inspections, and operations.

Evolving business processes mean you need new ways to do your work. Digital workflows change the way you interact with your project team and stakeholders. They eliminate paper-based workflows through software applications that can intelligently and semantically share data. They position you to leverage digital technologies to reduce risk and avoid errors.

Digital workflows, enabled through digital components and digital context, unify your team and your supply chain and enable them to access and share digital information. 

Digital workflows allow you to work smarter and faster and be more competitive. 
  1. We focus on infrastructure. We see the big picture—from design, construction, operations, and maintenance—so you see the big picture.
  2. We deliver a connected data environment to help you optimize your digital workflows; you are what you are connected to.
  3. We are valued for our breadth, depth, and scalability; our ability to impact is vast.
  4. We’re partners in your progress ... we’re there for you. We want to see you win and will help you do what it takes to realize the full value of your data.