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    CONNECTION Seminar

    Capital Project Management


Date: October 18, 2016 Time: 9:00 - 10:00 Registration and Breakfast; 10:00 - 12:30 Seminar; 12:30 - 13:30 Luncheon Location: The H Dubai, Al Massa Ballroom; One Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, U.A.E. Register Now

Bentley’s Capital Project Management Solution

Learn how construction managers and facility owners use EADOC, Bentley’s cloud-based construction management solution, to improve team collaboration, gain real-time visibility into costs and risks, and leverage a detailed electronic construction record—accessible 24/7. This forum will include best practices for moving from outdated construction management practices and workflows to an efficient, modern solution.

  • Learn the benefits of managing construction projects in the cloud
  • Discover Bentley’s cloud-based solution for managing capital construction projects and programs
  • Learn best practices and strategies for increasing productivity, reducing costs and minimizing risk for construction projects

Session 1:  Goodbye Excel Spreadsheets, Hello Construction Management in the Cloud!

Gain real-time visibility into capital construction project risks, costs and performance with EADOC, Bentley’s cloud-based solution for construction managers and facility owners. EADOC is a complete construction project management system that integrates finance and contract change, risk tracking, and all project documents and communications with a complete electronic audit trail. This session will provide an introduction to EADOC and a review of how it addresses the collaboration and document management workflow challenges of capital projects and programs. The session will also cover EADOC’s data archiving capabilities for ongoing operation and maintenance.

  • Construction management pain points and solutions
  • Benefits of cloud-based construction management
  • Achieving greater efficiency and accountability with automated workflows
  • Leveraging rich data for faster information discovery and decision making
  • Customized dashboards and reports for real-time project transparency
  • Archiving construction phase data for ongoing operation and maintenance

Session 2: Proactively Manage Construction Finances and Risk for Projects and Programs

Finance control is at the heart of capital projects and programs. EADOC integrates cost control and risk management within a project’s daily workflow—eliminating the need for error-prone processes and spreadsheets. In this session you will learn how to proactively manage project finances including budget, funding sources, contracts, risk items, pay estimates and change orders—all with robust, automated reporting and customized dashboards. This presentation will also detail how organizations can effectively protect themselves against potential claims.

  • Integrating cost controls and risk management
  • Controlling financing at the project, program and portfolio level
  • Elimination of Excel spreadsheets for finance management
  • Customized finance and risk dashboards
  • Defend against claims during the construction phase, and ensure that detailed records are maintained should a claim arise after completion

Conclusion: Question & Answer Session