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    CONNECTION Seminar

    Building Design


Date: June 1, 2016 Time: 1:00 - 2:00 Lunch; 2:00 - 5:15 Seminar Location: SUNTEC SINGAPORE, Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039593 Register Now

BIM Advancements in Multi-discipline Building Design

Bentley’s building design modeling applications provide innovative technologies for the design and multi-discipline engineering of facilities. Learn how these innovations and the BIM advancements of AECOsim Building Designer continue to contribute to the success of small and large, complex projects.

Session 1:
Design Virtualization: BIM Advancements for Concept Design through Construction for All Types of Buildings and Facilities
Enhance your design processes with innovative technology for the design and multi-discipline engineering of buildings and facilities ranging from airports to rail stations to water and wastewater plants. Learn what is new with Bentley’s multi-discipline building design modeling application, AECOsim Building Designer. Discover how the software enables you to collaborate across project teams from concept design through construction. See how AECOsim Building Designer’s BIM advancements enables you to explore design alternatives, assist with design coordination, and produce construction documentation to industry standards.

  • Incorporate existing site conditions using ContextCapture and point clouds as context for your design.
  • Efficiently explore design alternatives using engineering analysis and GenerativeComponents.
  • Ensure consistency in production with distributed teams with ProjectWise managed workspaces.


Session 2: Project Handover: BIM Advancements Enabling Data Management for Facility Operation
Learn how to manage and share design data throughout the entire project lifecycle by providing visibility into construction and enabling facility operations with AECOsim Building Designer, Bentley’s multi-discipline building design modeling application. Ensure you satisfy contract requirements for data handover by defining what data to manage, as well as the processes for data quality management. See how AECOsim Building Designer’s BIM advancements ensures completeness and accuracy of data.

  • Maintain compliance with industry standards like the British Standard BS-1192 and National BIM Standard – United States Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie).
  • Publish intelligent models from design using i-models for use in construction, and into operations.
  • Perform data quality procedure to ensure completeness and accuracy of data.


Session 3: Design Excellence: User Stories of Successful Projects from Airports to Rail Stations to Water and Wastewater Plants
Discover why firms of all sizes – from small to large – are adopting AECOsim Building Designer. See how AECOsim Building Designer continues to deliver significant advantages to the United Kingdom ranging from airports to power plants to rail stations.  Examples of real-world projects using AECOsim Building Designer will illustrate how it has helped to reduce project costs, increase efficiency, enable collaboration across distributed teams, and save hundreds of man hours.

Conclusion: Question & Answer Session