Empowering Sustainable Development Goals

Low-emission, climate-resilient pathways require no less than an unprecedented transformation of our infrastructure

What is ES(D)G?

When companies talk about environmental, social, and governance, the ‘E’ focuses on measuring a company’s environmental footprint. In contrast, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs – focus on sustainable outcomes, providing a framework and inspiration for business policies and purpose. Our purpose is to empower SDGs through infrastructure digital twin solutions, helping our users – infrastructure professionals – realize outcomes that are more sustainable, predictable, and resilient. And that is why we combined the two acronyms ESG and SDG to form ES(D)G – empowering sustainable development goals – to reflect our purpose and to bring attention to the environmental handprint of our software and services.

Vision and Future Direction

We recognize that the growing threat of climate change requires rapid, unprecedented transformation. Creating future-proofed infrastructure will play a key role in protecting the environment.