AB_Date EDV für Architektur und Bauen GmbH

Wanheimer Str. 45

Contact Person:
Werner Butzki

AB_DATE is a system house, with its own software development of industry solutions in the planning area and constructive engineering. (Architecture, building services, construction, steel construction, interior decoration, etc.). AB_DATE solutions optimize all those central processing processes, which are now required for success and settlement in the project management of construction activities. Our competencies: Bentley Institute partners (Bentley certified classroom, und individual training), Bentley Technology Partner (Mic roStation contract programming), Bentley sales partner Products: MicroStation Platform, Engineering applications, Architecture solutions (Visual 3D plan, Power Plan 2D), Cost planning. Services: Training, Consulting, Data management, Support hotline.
  • AECOsim
  • LumenRT
  • Map
  • MicroStation
  • speedikon
Geographic Coverage
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Switzerland