Visualize performance with interactive dashboards

Interactive dashboards enable you to visualize your operation and give you context, clarity, and confidence instantly to make smarter decisions on performance, safety, security, and compliance. With vast amounts of data and information contained within multiple systems, it’s important to have a way to access it that is both easy to use and easy to understand. Operational Analytics dashboards provide a visual representation of your information, allowing you to be kept up-to-date with what is going on within your operation at all times. It brings the data to life with a variety of dashboard capabilities that enhance at-a-glance views of key performance indicators, reports, digital twins, real-time data, and more.

Built from an extensive library of visualization and data management capabilities, AssetWise gives you the ability to configure, analyze, and interact with real-time and historical information, giving you instantaneous views on performance and productivity to make the necessary decisions fueled by your data.

The flexible dashboards mean you can:

  • Choose the visualization dashboard style that best fits your needs
  • Converge, view, and interact with engineering models within the dashboard
  • Insert calculations, key performance indicators, and geospatial maps
  • Identify and respond to negative trends quickly
  • Convert dashboards into scheduled reports
  • Drill down within geospatial maps to see more detail
  • Embed PowerBI reports

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