Schedule and create KPI reports

Communicating and sharing information with your team and executive management in an up-to-date manner is imperative for accuracy in shared decision making.

The Operational Analytics reporting capabilities give you a structured way to create straightforward or complex views using a combination of visualization capabilities and data with only the information you need from the dashboards. All the required details can be easily combined into a single report and grouped as needed for maximum insight. The reporting tool functionality does not require any dragging and dropping; simply select the dashboards you wish to view, select the period to display, and schedule the email recipients and delivery method. Based entirely on the dashboards, the reports can be based on key performance indicators (KPIs), regulatory compliance, costs, production, and alarms.

  • Conduct ad hoc reporting
  • Assemble and report asset performance measurements quickly and easily to prove conformance to regulatory requirements for any type of asset (linear or vertical)
  • Create specific reports or adapt them directly from the dashboard
  • Save time and money and increase efficiency by eliminating manual processes
  • Keep your dashboards and reports in a single familiar portal rather than navigating to a different tool for reporting
  • Comply with government/regulatory body reporting requirements

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