Create actionable information using the Amulet calculation engine

Data alone can only tell part of a story. The Amulet calculation engine is more than a scientific calculator. It creates more data from what already exists and transforms it into reusable, actionable information. Once data are collected, the flexible Amulet calculation and rules engine can perform complex data analytics using business rules, algorithms, alarms, and aggregation to give you even more insight into what your data is telling you.

Performing calculations on any data from multiple sources, such as historical, real-time, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), helps you understand and improve operational performance by giving you the necessary information to make the best decision, all visualized through the dashboards.

With an extensive library of calculator functions (arithmetic, mathematic, and statistical) to create simple to complex calculations across any data set, the calculations themselves can also include properties and attributes associated with a data point, and can be used to trigger events or points of alarm.


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