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Many software providers say they have an application for land development and site design, but do they really? With Bentley, it’s not just talk. We deliver the real deal. OpenSite Designer was built to accelerate the development and delivery of global site projects from concept through construction. It provides complete detailed design capabilities for rapid site modeling and analysis, earthwork optimization and quantification, drainage and underground utilities, and automated project delivery. Discover how OpenSite Designer offers you a better choice of technology.

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Better Data Aquisition

Collecting data in the field is an important start to any infrastructure project and an equally important factor to timely project delivery. Not only do you need the ability to quickly, comprehensively, and precisely capture existing conditions to produce accurate 3D models, but you also need an application that can easily consume data from a variety of sources. If your current software can’t do this, then you’re losing time and money. Jump start your next project with OpenSite Designer.

OpenSite Designer helps you effectively understand existing conditions on your site, under your site, and around it to see how your designs interact in reality context. The ability to incorporate, analyze, and manipulate a wide range of data such as point clouds, reality meshes, photogrammetry, total station surveys and terrain early in the design phase results in:

  • Minimized survey rework and design delays by acquiring broader and more detailed reality data during the project onset.
  • Improved safety in the field, environment, and for the community.
  • Accelerated project delivery with the ability to eliminate errors and design changes early in the project.

BETTER DATA ACQUISITION leads to Better Context, Better Understanding, Better Models, and BETTER DECISIONS.

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