Talent Management

Talent Management at Bentley encompasses organizational practices, programs, and processes designed to attract, empower, develop, energize, and mobilize the right people in the right jobs at the right time to achieve business goals. It is important to us that there is always a mutually beneficial relationship between our colleagues and the company. You will gain valuable experience and add skills to your profile, while Bentley leverages your talents to achieve our vision.

Career Growth

Career plans reference colleague ambitions, skills, aptitude, and company needs. You will work with your manager to find opportunities that expand your knowledge and skills in a way that fits your interests and aligns with business objectives. Colleagues are empowered at Bentley to take ownership of their career growth. We offer competency assessments, job profiles, and development plans to identify your best fit, and stretch assignments, mentoring, and job mobility to get you there!


Bentley inspires and empowers you to reach your full potential through a continuous learning culture. Global learning and development opportunities are integrated in the organization through on-the-job learning, formal education and certification, and internal training. Working along side industry and field experts, you will learn new ways to expand your skills, contribute to business success, and help Bentley sustain the world’s infrastructure.

Global Mobility

Bentley is a global company with opportunities all over the world. You will have the chance to collaborate with colleagues from different countries, cultures, and perspectives on a regular basis. Or you may have the opportunity to take part in our Global Mobility program – which gives colleagues the chance to work in another country when personal and business needs are in harmony. We have summer programs for high potentials, short-term, long-term, and country transfer options.