• Dragados and London Underground Accelerate Design Delivery

Dragados and London Underground Accelerate Design Delivery on Complex Station Upgrade


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Dragados SA and London Underground Limited oversaw an upgrade project for one of London’s busiest and most complex railway stations. They needed to seamlessly work together with 30 partnering firms to create and finalize critical project milestones; otherwise, they risked falling behind schedule and short of expectations due to poor collaboration, bottlenecks, and rework.

Upgrading Design of a Complex Station Project

Located in the City of London, the Bank-Monument station is one of the most complex subterranean railway stations in the United Kingdom. It is a major gateway to the area, used by more than 52 million passengers each year, and is of strategic importance to the London and United Kingdom economies.

In 2013, Dragados and London Underground began overseeing the planning, design, and construction of a GBP 6.07 billion upgrade project to the Bank-Monument station. They were expected to complete the project on time and without incident while keeping the station open during construction and not delaying the usual transportation schedule. 

Facilitating Seamless Collaboration Among Various Firms

To succeed, Dragados and London Underground needed to manage an expansive network of project partners – including 425 individual users from 30 different firms – to ensure that thousands of design deliverables were generated, reviewed, and approved without incident.

Without overcoming this challenge, the organizations risked wasting time searching for information, sharing files, and reviewing deliverables with project participants. They also risked getting caught in rework after working with incomplete or incorrect information.

Automating and Streamlining Design Delivery

Dragados and London Underground built a robust connected data environment to ensure that all project participants had access to up-to-date project data while creating a streamlined, traceable approval process for design deliverables. This platform helped them obtain 95 percent first-time client approval on packages and successfully deliver on their key project milestones.

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