4D digital context to better design, construct, operate, and collaborate

A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical asset, process or system, as well as the engineering information for understanding and modeling its performance. It can be continuously updated from multiple sources, including sensors and continuous surveying, to represent its near real-time status, working condition, or position. It enables users to visualize the asset, check status, perform analysis, and generate insights in order to predict and optimize asset performance.

A key component of the digital twin is the digital context, which includes reality meshes, point clouds, terrain models, imagery, and GIS sources. It enables multiple cost-saving workflows including online collaboration, remote inspection, virtual operations, in-context design and mixed reality applications.

With Bentley’s reality modeling solution, easily capture, manage, analyze and share terabytes of reality data of any size, from any system, into one single source of truth that provides 4D digital context to solve infrastructure challenges. 

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