• Utah Transit Authority

    A New, Innovative Transit Asset Management Solution

    Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Project Summary

The USD 250,000 project funded by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) required Utah Transit Authority (UTA) to pilot a Transit Asset Management (TAM) program for managing structures, track, and rolling stock. UTA realized that by combining an asset inventory with condition assessments, it could create a unified system for maintaining assets that could be used to develop maintenance budgets, identify critical issues, prepare lifecycle plans and mitigate risk. To implement this proactive approach, UTA needed an inspection and management software solution to simplify data collection and condition assessment of assets.

UTA implemented Bentley InspectTech as the TAM platform and provided handheld mobile devices to field inspectors, allowing information on each asset to be uploaded individually from the field and tracked for ongoing inspection, assessment, and maintenance. Using Bentley software, UTA quantified maintenance costs in future years to optimally maintain all aspects of the transit system. UTA’s automated TAM system streamlined decision-making processes and enabled long-term equipment evaluation to determine lifecycle costs, while still providing UTA with the tools to simplify data collection, inventory deployment, condition assessment, and prioritization of reinvestment needs.

Using Bentley InspectTech, UTA expects to yield a return on investment greater than 100% from its TAM program. By enabling field inspectors to enter data and inspection reports into mobile devices, UTA reduced inspection time for each asset, which will result in significant cost savings. Through proactive inspection and management of assets as a network, UTA can better identify resource allocation and money distribution to efficiently and effectively maintain asset conditions for safe, optimal transit operation. The efficiency and enhanced data reliability provided through the use of Bentley software, enabled UTA to better track problems, resolve issues in a timely manner, and provide better service overall to UTA customers.

Bentley InspectTech Collector and InspectTech Manager were critical to the successful implementation of UTA’s TAM program. The flexibility of Bentley software enabled UTA to store and search data, visually and relationally represent assets and their properties using GIS tools, and link maintenance to inspection data, streamlining processes to boost efficiency in locating information, and decreasing inspection time for each asset. Using InspectTech, UTA could track costs through all stages of asset life, enabling a risk-based approach to evaluate assets. Measured in terms of customer investment, InspectTech provides the tools necessary to maximize dividends by ensuring safe, optimal transit service to UTA customers.
  • Using Bentley InspectTech, UTA implemented a model TAM program including projections on future assets and budget conditions that can be used as a guide for transit agencies across the country to develop their own asset management lifecycle systems.
  • With better asset management practices ensured by Bentley software, UTA can provide a safer, more reliable transit system at a reduced long-term cost.
  • UTA’s USD 250,000 TAM program represents a groundbreaking, risk-based approach to transit asset management using the flexibility of Bentley software to seamlessly link asset maintenance to inspection data.