• Territory and Municipal Services ACT Government

    Integrated Asset Management System

    Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Project Summary

Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government manages over 2.5 million assets worth an estimated AUD 9 million, including 3,000 kilometers of roads and 3,500-kilometer of storm water networks. Asset data for the ACT was highly fragmented across siloed systems, making it difficult for people to find and access. TAMS determined it needed a centralized asset management system that would provide users access to self-serve information in real time, enabling better decision-making and asset analysis to help optimize capital and maintenance expenditures.

TAMS chose AssetWise ALIM as the basis for its enterprise-level, Integrated Asset Management System (IAMS). The solution manages everything from networks, assets, and structures to public enquiry, asset maintenance, and accidents. As part of Bentley’s AssetWise platform, AsssetWise ALIM enabled TAMS to assimilate disparate information from three business units with more than 15 business systems.

TAMS’ industry-leading approach provided a centralized location for all asset information, including spatial data, attribute data, associated documentation, and fully auditable reporting. The collection of asset defect and condition reports provided information required in potentially litigious situations. Data entry times were drastically reduced, and real-time reporting capabilities were improved. As a result, 112 users across TAMS have access to self-serve information in a real-time environment.

AssetWise ALIM provided a robust and secure foundation that was also flexible enough to deal with the unique complexity of over 285 individual asset types. This was particularly helpful in the migration and validation of legacy data, enabling this information to be put into one commercial off-the-shelf product. Open database connectivity technology enabled linkages between IAMS and other systems such as TAMS corporate geographic database, and the corporate customer relationship management system.

  • Objectives for a commercial off-the-shelf Integrated Asset Management System included improved client service, improved business processes, optimized capital and maintenance expenditures, and optimized asset life.
  • Bentley’s AssetWise ALIM supported these objectives with asset registry and analysis, spatial capabilities, public enquiry management, maintenance and program management, asset valuation, structures/bridge management, and crash/accident management.