• Southern Company

    Plant Yates Units 6 and 7

    Newnan, Georgia, United States

Project Summary

Southern Company evaluated design options for making Plant Yates Units 6 and 7, located in Newnan, Georgia, more environmentally friendly and less costly to operate. Potential savings to customers were also considered. Engineers worked through conceptual designs for installing Novel Integrated Desulfurization (NID) technology vs. converting the units from coal-fired to natural gas. The goal for construction was to allow the plant units to remain in operation for the most optimal time period.

Using ProjectWise with Bentley’s integrated design tools enabled the engineers to compare multiple configurations throughout conceptual design, as well as simulate construction of modular unit upgrades. The ability to quickly and efficiently model structural design concepts and maintain analytical models within ProjectWise allowed engineers to evaluate the viability of structures through the pre-roll in and post-roll in design phases.

With the option to review fully integrated 3D models, the project team evaluated multiple variations of the dry scrubber project, which was estimated to cost USD 600 million. Southern Company chose gas conversion, estimated at USD 40 million, as the best option for the plant and customer. The efficient design, construction, startup, operation, and maintenance of the Unit 6 and 7 improvements were ensured with the use of Bentley solutions throughout the lifecycle.

ProjectWise was used to manage 3D and 2D content, models, and workflows associated with design tools including Bentley Structural (demolition plan, super-structure design models, construction simulation), STAAD.Pro (structural model analysis, configuration comparisons), and AutoPLANT plant engineering design software (mechanical design integration, real-time connectivity, data integrity).
  • Selection of the gas conversion option saved the company and its customers USD 560 million.
  • With Bentley software, Southern Company produced quality, verifiable, and reusable design data in a managed environment to ensure ease of future use.
  • Maintaining accurate plant lifecycle information in ProjectWise and AutoPLANT helps minimize the cost of maintaining assets, thereby keeping costs to the consumer low.
User Quote:
  • “Bentley’s design tools provide the best environment for our engineers and designers to collaborate, store information, and get the job done. “

    Daishaun Morgan Southern Company