• SJM Tech S.a.s.

    3D Mining Complex Virtual Tour

    Buggerru, Italy

Project Summary

The EUR 20,000 project required SJM Tech to create a 3D virtual tour of Italy’s Porto Flavia and Galleria Henry historic mines, available for viewing on the Web, with audio-visual, interactive contents strategically positioned along the visitors’ paths of the facilities. To optimize over one terabyte of survey data from more than 200 laser scanners and simulate a high quality representation of the structures, SJM Tech required a flexible, robust software platform.

SJM Tech used MicroStation to transform the complex survey data into a few megabyte CAD project, producing 3D textured models while maintaining survey precision and a high level of realism. The power and flexibility of Bentley tools enabled SJM Tech to optimize the large amount of intricate data and produce a 3D interactive simulation with a high quality, real-time representation of the facilities.

The MicroStation platform provided SJM Tech a modeling solution to integrate 3D reality meshes quickly and precisely, saving time, and ultimately, money. SJM Tech used Bentley’s powerful, interoperable tools to convert a large amount of complex survey data into 3D textured models, resulting in a high-quality, realistic, interactive simulation, enhancing visualization of the mines and interest in onsite tours.

SJM Tech used MicroStation’s 3D mesh decimation tools, as well as aerophotogrammetry and digital cartography, 3D digital terrain model optimization, laser scanner point-cloud visualization, and 3D modeling and texturization to produce its 3D interactive virtual mining tour. The flexible and powerful capabilities of MicroStation allowed SJM Tech to optimize over one terabyte of data from more than 200 laser scanner stations to produce a few megabyte CAD project for technical uses by the client.
  • MicroStation facilitated SJM Tech’s successful 3D virtual simulation of two historic Italian mines, optimizing over one terabyte of complex survey data from more than 200 scanner locations.
  • SJM Tech used MicroStation’s powerful platform to combine the large amount of complex survey data into optimized, 3D textured models, producing a few megabyte CAD project ready for client technical uses.