• Seaway Heavy Lifting

    DSO Sonam Montage der Topside

    Lagos, Nigeria


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Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) awarded Seaway Heavy Lifting (SHL) the subcontract on behalf of Chevron Nigeria Limited (Chevron) to install the non-associated gas wellhead platform (NWP) topside and bridge in the Sonam field offshore of Nigeria. The USD 12 million installation project required SHL to transport and install a 2,750-ton topside—the heaviest in Nigeria—while ensuring compliance with international standards and collaborating with companies spanning three continents. To meet these requirements, and accommodate the distance between SHL offices, the yard, and the Oleg Strashnov heavy-lift vessel, SHL needed flexible, interoperable offshore engineering and analysis software.


SHL selected Bentley SACS as the common platform for communications among the three organizations.  Using SACS facilitated efficient collaboration enabling information mobility among the widely-dispersed stakeholders and project team, SHL in Europe, HHI in Asia, and Chevron in America, as well as ensured compliance with international codes with SACS built-in checking capabilities. Bentley’s collaborative, interoperable software automated and simplified analysis workflows and enabled SHL to complete the installation safely and efficiently.


Bentley SACS saved time and reduced costs associated with fabrication, certification, sea transportation, and the design and utilization of the innovative spreader bar used for the lift. The software eliminated clashes, optimized materials, and simplified transport and assembly. Using SACS, SHL demonstrated lift safety, eliminating the need for a USD 225,000 trial lift, which saved 1,000 hours in manual labor. By identifying and resolving issues in advance, SHL shortened overall installation time.


Throughout the installation project, SHL relied on SACS for accurate engineering analysis and optimal information sharing. The software allowed SHL to fully model the structure and spreader bar, eliminate potential clashes, and obtain precise material takeoffs. Using the SACS transportation inertia loading module simplified sea transportation. The software also enabled SHL to perform code checking according to recognized international standards, and certify the design without requiring a trial lift, thereby reducing risks and saving significant time and costs. Bentley’s integrated technology facilitated mutual decision making among the widely dispersed stakeholders and guaranteed timely, efficient delivery to the project location in Africa.

  • Subcontracted by HHI for Chevron, SHL installed Nigeria’s heaviest built topside for the offshore Sonam NWP using Bentley SACS to proactively resolve potential issues and shorten installation time.
  • Using SACS’ accurate analysis tools for this USD 12 million installation project, SHL eliminated the need for a trial lift by accurately demonstrating the safety of the spreader bar, reducing associated costs and labor.
  • Relying on SACS as the common communication platform among stakeholders spread across three continents ensured accurate information sharing and facilitated mutual decision making.
  • SACS was instrumental in SHL’s timely, cost-efficient, and quality installation for the Sonam NWP, enabling the company to advance in the offshore business.
  • “Bentley software allows us to take several steps forward in the offshore business by reducing cost and time, and increasing efficiency.”

    Pellegrino Guerriero Sr. Structural Engineer Seaway Heavy Lifting