• Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC

    NW 62nd Avenue Improvements

    Johnston, Iowa, United States

Project Summary

As part of DuPont Pioneer’s expansion of its world headquarters requiring improvements to Johnston, Iowa’s NW 62nd Avenue, Foth designed an intersection incorporating four multi-lane roundabouts. The USD 7 million project required pavement widening and reconstruction, retrofitting the existing storm sewer network, a second two-lane bridge, stream realignment, and pedestrian crossings. To address these design and engineering challenges, Foth relied on the flexibility, interoperability, and diversity of Bentley tools.

Given the magnitude of this project coupled with a tight deadline, Foth used Bentley software to streamline the design and automate repetitive tasks. Leveraging the strength of different Bentley applications, Foth automated geometric and staking details to design pedestrian crossings and roundabouts, analyzed drainage to retrofit the storm sewer network, calculated hydraulics to realign the creek flow, and used structural applications for bridge design and analysis. Bentley’s integrated products enabled Foth to develop an accurate 3D rendering of the entire project, collaborate among multiple disciplines, and deliver the project on time and within budget.

Using Bentley software to facilitate innovative approaches resulted in significant time and financial savings. Modeling the project in sections and then merging the models to create a master model saved an estimated 120 hours, and cut 14 days from the project schedule. Implementing automated workflows reduced efforts by almost 60%, enhanced change management, and reduced potential for errors, saving 90 hours of manual drafting and cutting 10 days off delivery time. The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley tools enabled Foth to complete a 16-week project in six weeks.

Foth applied the best Bentley solution to each project challenge. MicroStation was used in the initial phase to prepare conceptual drawings and preliminary geometrical layouts. GEOPAK tools were used to model the roundabouts, pedestrian passages and retrofitted storm sewer network, while StormCAD enabled advanced modeling of the network. Foth analyzed flood elevations for the stream realignment using FlowMaster and CulvertMaster and applied LEAP Bridge for the structural design and analysis of the bridge. The interoperability of Bentley tools enabled Foth to seamlessly integrate models and data resulting in a comprehensive 3D rendering of the entire project.
  • Leveraging Bentley solutions, Foth delivered a 16-week, unique design project in six weeks, with advanced, sustainable electronic deliverables.
  • The interoperability of Bentley software enabled Foth to streamline the complex design process and automate repetitive tasks, saving significant time and money.
  • Foth’s non-traditional intersection with multilane roundabouts was a first for Iowa, enhancing pedestrian and vehicle safety, while reducing travel time and fuel consumption, for a positive impact on the community and environment.