• Critical Solutions, Inc.

    Contra Costa College Center

    San Pablo, California, United States

Project Summary

Contra Costa College is revitalizing its campus core to better meet the needs of today’s students. The new USD 52 million, 108,379-square-foot college center project consists of three new buildings that will define three outdoor campus spaces: an amphitheater, an eating area, and a quad area for social activities. The project’s three buildings include the Administration/Student Activities Building, the Fireside Community Building, and a three-level, Classroom Building. To manage the project’s wide-ranging program scope, the Contra Costa Community College District needed a way to centralize project information.

For this project, Contra Costa Community College District chose EADOC capital project management system, as recommended by the construction manager, Critical Solutions, Inc. EADOC provided a centralized database for all project information that is accessible to all project participants. The College Center team used EADOC for processing and tracking RFIs, submittals, inspection reports, change orders, requests, daily logs, memos, and meeting minutes.

Centralizing the project’s data and communications increased team collaboration and accountability, and minimized the time and expense of manually handling and tracking physical documents. Using EADOC to record all actions performed on documents and communications, allowed Critical Solutions to keep its project team members on track. The College Center team also saved time by linking workflow documents – such as RFIs and change orders – to other items such as locations, project assets, and construction drawings. This created a web of rich data relationships that made it easy to find relevant information quickly. All the linked relationships between the project’s documents, communications, and costs are maintained – leaving a rich, electronic archive that can be used throughout the entire lifecycle of the new campus center.

Critical Solutions used EADOC to manage the project more efficiently with a centralized database offering 24/7 access to all project documents and communications including RFIs, submittals, inspection requests, inspection reports, requests, daily logs, memos, change orders, and more. EADOC records all actions performed on each document with a time/date stamp and user details, so the status and history of all documents is always available to project managers. The system can identify any outstanding documents – and who has them – to help keep all team members on track.

EADOC is now named ProjectWise Construction Management. Learn More

  • Critical Solutions saved valuable time that used to be spent processing, tracking, and accessing project information.
  • The College Center team saved time by linking workflow documents – such as RFIs and change orders – to other items such as locations and construction drawings. The rich data links made project information easy to find, which saved time and increased the speed of decision making.
  • Project managers gained improved transparency and team collaboration with EADOC’s automated audit trail of all document and communication activity. There was never a question as to who has what, or when they’ve seen it, because EADOC automatically tracks the entire history.
  • Having a Web-based system allows us to interface with project managers, construction managers, architects, the client, and the contractor – and we find that to be a significant advantage.

    Ron Johnson President Critical Solutions, Inc.