• California State University, Fullerton

    Energy Modeling Using Hevacomp

    San Bernardino, California, United States

Project Summary

The project required California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) to build energy simulation models of 23 city facilities for the City of San Bernadino. Building features that were simulated included HVAC systems, lighting efficiency and control, roof and wall insulation and construction, glazing type, water usage, and day lighting. To build the models, analyze the large volume of data generated during the energy simulations, and implement energy-efficient solutions, CSUF needed reliable energy modeling and simulation technology.

After comparing results from various energy simulation programs, CSUF chose Bentley Hevacomp for its energy modeling project. Hevacomp provided CSUF with key building performance indicators ranging from energy use and demand, to temperature, humidity, and costs. The software enabled CSUF to manage and analyze the enormous amount of data, identify energy patterns, and develop solutions with baseline and target energy estimations.

CSUF used Bentley Hevacomp to model San Bernardino’s City Hall, identifying a significant energy savings of approximately USD 500,000 over 10 years. Using the same energy modeling for 22 other city facilities, CSUF expects to see similar patterns and identify the best combination of building components for the most efficient use of energy. Bentley Hevacomp allowed CSUF to accurately perform energy simulations to increase the city’s energy efficiency, save money, and improve indoor air quality and comfort.

CSUF used Bentley Hevacomp to build energy simulation models for 23 San Bernardino city facilities. The software provided key building performance indicators, enabling CSUF to effectively analyze large volumes of data, identify notable energy patterns, and implement energy solutions. Hevacomp’s simulation models allowed CSUF to evaluate building energy performance and determine the most energy-efficient combination of components and systems.
  • Using Hevacomp, the City of San Bernardino expects to increase its energy efficiency, save money, and improve indoor air quality and comfort.
  • With Bentley’s dynamic simulation software, CSUF modeled 22 more city buildings, analyzing large volumes of data generated during energy simulation, identifying energy patterns, and developing energy-efficient solutions.
  • CSUF used Bentley Hevacomp to build an energy simulation model for San Bernardino’s City Hall facility, and expects to realize approximately USD 500,000 in energy savings over a 10 year period.