• Bothe Richter Teherani

    Zayed University Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Project Summary

The USD 817 million campus will cover 80 hectares, include academic buildings, recreation facilities, and residential accommodations to serve 6,000 students. The project required Bothe Richter Teherani (BRT) to design the campus to reflect the national identity and architectural heritage of the United Arab Emirates, featuring a free-form, undulating roof, and a façade of triangular inclined planes. To meet these complex design challenges on an extremely tight timeline, BRT needed an integrated, dynamic modeling solution.

Bentley’s GenerativeComponents and MicroStation provided BRT with the integrated BIM approach necessary to deliver the project on time. The software allowed BRT to quickly explore and sustainably design a cladding system for the free-form, 380-by-180 meter roof. GenerativeComponents automated the time-consuming manual calculations for each inclined triangle of the façade. The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley solutions enabled BRT to manifest its sustainable design.

Using Bentley solutions saved significant time by automating previous manual calculations, enabling BRT to deliver the project on time. Bentley software provided BRT the modeling tools to transform free-from design into quality construction by developing a cost-efficient cladding system for a sustainable, state-of- the-art facility. The curvilinear roof design ensures energy-efficient cooling to reduce costs of air-conditioning in the desert environment.

Automating the calculation of rotation and inclination angles for each triangle using GenerativeComponents enabled BRT to generate 21 variations of the façade geometry in two weeks. GenerativeComponents was instrumental in designing the free-form roof spanning 28,000 square meters, and allowed BRT to reduce the 15,000 different cladding elements to a workable number. Integrating with MicroStation provided BRT the tools to study variations in element shape, size, fixing system, as well as material characteristics, to develop a cost-efficient cladding system. With Bentley’s integrated software, BRT turned its vision into sustainable construction.
  • Bentley’s interoperable, integrated software provided the tools to transform free-form design into quality construction reflecting the national identity and architectural heritage of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Using GenerativeComponents enabled BRT to automate calculations for the triangular inclined façade and determine a cost-effective cladding system for the curvilinear, energy-efficient, free-form roof.
  • BRT used Bentley’s integrated modeling software to deliver a sustainable, organic campus facility spanning 80 hectares, on an aggressive timeline.