ContextCapture provides real-world digital context using 3D reality meshes derived from photographs and/or point clouds. ContextCapture is available as an on-premises solution or cloud-based service: ContextCapture, ContextCapture Center, and ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service. We have included some great new features in the latest version.

Parallel processing in ContextCapture desktop

Leverage parallel computing to speed the production of your reality meshes. Create a processing farm by connecting two ContextCapture desktop licenses and drastically reduce your processing time.

Processing time with one engine vs two engines

Scalable production speeds with cloud on-demand

Meet your demanding deadlines with multi-engine cloud processing when you switch to ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service directly from your ContextCapture desktop interface. Receive time estimates for processing locally and via a cloud processing service.

Submit projects to ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service from the ContextCapture desktop interface.

Splat display

Gain faster insight into your reality modeling projects with splat display. Immediately after aerotriangulation, take advantage of a 3D view to reliably perform measurements and quality assessment of your reality mesh.

View reality mesh drafts in splat display after aerotriangulation for faster project insight.

2D and 3D navigation

Inspect, view, and explore your reality mesh and corresponding reality data with a powerful photo navigation feature. During inspection workflows, click on any point of the 3D-view and the most relevant picture will automatically display, providing a full resolution view.

Display full resolution photos for analysis and quality assessment by clicking the reality mesh.

2D and 3D machine learning

Reduce time and costs associated with the analysis of real-world conditions by applying machine learning to automatically detect and locate objects in 2D and 3D using your reality data. You can apply machine learning by using an existing trained detector or create a customized detector with your reality data.

Detect pumps, gauges, and valves in a reality mesh using Bentley’s machine learning technology.

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