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    Studie proveditelnosti a s tím související předběžné a podrobné návrhy ve středních městech a neformálních osídleních v Agatare (Kigali, Rwanda)

    Kigali, Nyarugenge, Rwanda

Project Summary

    • Feasibility Study and Associated Preliminary and Detail Designs


As part of its vision to modernize infrastructure and enable more diversified and resilient sources of growth, the Rwandan Ministry of Infrastructure issued a USD 10 million grant to a consulting consortium including Voyants Solutions to conduct a feasibility study. The foremost objectives involved proposing new approaches for regeneration in the six secondary cities of the Agatare region, and assessing their respective realistic and sustainable investment priorities in relation to urban infrastructure. By delivering basic services to improve both living conditions and local economic advancement, Voyants Solutions’ urbanization project will benefit a population of about 18,000 residents spread over .86 square kilometers.


Developing plans to improve poor infrastructure in Agatare meant overcoming obstacles presented by difficult terrain, such as soil erosion due to heavy rainfall and steep, hilly slopes as well as dilapidated vehicular footpaths. To accomplish this, Bentley Map was used in conjunction with MXROAD and StormCAD to enhance the roadways and improve drainage. Voyants Solutions conducted spatial analyses using surveying and drone technology, and by integrating Bentley’s GIS and mapping software, combined engineering data and digital imagery to create accurate 3D information models for use in modeling and analysis.


Using Bentley software, the team analyzed the environmental impacts on Agatare and introduced new solutions to address issues concerning erosion, road and safety, and mixing of grey water with stormwater drains. The urbanization project is expected to significantly enhance connectivity within the six cities, support the creation of off-farm jobs, enhance living conditions by way of upgraded settlements, and improve drainage systems to reduce risks associated with flooding and disease. Upon completion, Voyants Solutions will realize a total ROI of up to 14 percent.


The ability of Bentley Map to accommodate various file formats was instrumental in enabling Voyants Solutions to complete the feasibility study one month ahead of schedule. Bentley’s collaborative, interoperable software facilitated information mobility and provided the consulting consortium with improved quality of deliverables, reducing the cost of implementation.

  • Voyants Solutions used Bentley Map in conjunction with MXROAD and StormCAD to enhance the roadways and improve drainage.
  • Bentley Map’s ability to accommodate various file types was instrumental to the success of the project.
  • The results of the urbanization project will benefit approximately 18,000 people by enhancing connectivity, creating jobs, and improving drainage systems to reduce risks associated with flooding and disease.
  • “Bentley is the solution for integrated infrastructure development.”

    Abhinav Goel GM Voyants Solutions Pvt., Ltd.