• RM Servicios Integrales de Ingeniería

    Transfer Towers and Bulk Transport Belts Design

    Saudi Arabia

Project Summary

The Saudi Arabian Mining Company awarded RM Servicios Integrales de Ingeneiría the USD 20 million project to design transfer towers and a 240-meter bulk conveyor belt in accordance with American design codes in an extremely short period of time. To meet these engineering challenges of this tight schedule, RM Servicios Integrales de Ingeneiría required flexible, interoperable modeling tools to automate the design process and ensure compliance.

To comply with the technical requirements and quality standards, RM Servicios Integrales de Ingeneiría designed the towers and conveyor belt using Bentley STAAD.Pro. Bentley’s structural design and analysis software automated adherence to the required design codes and provided a comprehensive, structural solution.

RM Servicios Integrales de Ingeneiría realized the benefits of Bentley STAAD.Pro early in the project. Bentley STAAD.Pro automated adherence to American design codes ensuring the structures met design standards and enabling the aggressive deadlines to be acheived. The interoperability of Bentley tools with other plan production software saved significant time and money. Using Bentley’s flexible, integrated software facilitated the successful design of this Saudi Arabian mining project, serving as an international reference in the industry for RM Servicios Integrales de Ingeneiría.

RM Servicios Integrales de Ingeneiría used Bentley STAAD.Pro for the entire structural design of the towers and bulk conveyor belt. Bentley software automated adherence to design codes allowing the team to design and calculate the 240-meter conveyor belt and towers in compliance with American standards in record time. Bentley’s interoperable tools easily integrated with other software used for plan production, saving significant time and money.
  • Bentley STAAD.Pro facilitated the successful design of a Saudi Arabian bulk mineral mining transport system in compliance with American design codes, serving as an international industry reference.
  • The automatic adherence to American design standards provided by the Bentley software, enabled RM Servicios Integrales de Ingeneiría to complete the design of the transfer towers and bulk conveyor belt and in record time.
  • Integrating Bentley’s interoperable software with other software for plan production saved this USD 20 million project significant time and money.