• Mintrex Pty Ltd.

    Garden Well Gold Project

    Duketon, Western Australia, Australia

Project Summary

Regis Resources awarded Mintrex the engineering and procurement contract for the gold processing plant for the AUD 113 million Garden Well Gold Project in Duketon, Western Australia. The plant had twice the capacity of a prior project, but needed to be delivered on the same design schedule – just 24 weeks from design to construction. This ambitious schedule required detailed drawings to be ready for fabrication very early in the project. Mintrex used a zero-based design approach to deliver only what was needed, without non-added value extras. This optimized the design to save time and lower EPCM costs.

Mintrex ensured that the client could review designs efficiently by providing 3D models using i-models that were viewed in Bentley Navigator. This review process during the design stage enabled client comments to be captured and incorporated, saving potential design re-work and delivering only what the client required. Overlap between the development of design drawings and detailed drawing production was reduced by transferring models from Structural Modeler directly to the shop detailer, who used ProSteel. 3D reviews of the plant were conducted to assess operations maintenance, allowing engineers to see how the plant would operate and whether equipment would be easy to maintain.

Overall, the zero-based design workflow reduced errors and fast tracked the design schedule. The design was completed with a reduced number of drafters due to the improved efficiency during the development of drawings. Software compatibility ensured that Mintrex was able to check interfaces between steelwork, platework, equipment, and concrete using detailed models provided by the detailer, reducing errors and preventing expensive re-work. The 3D model was used to test the constructability of the plant, ensure that equipment could be positioned without clashes, and aid contractors in evaluating and selecting the best construction sequences.

3D models and i-models created by various Bentley solutions, including MicroStation, AECOsim and ProStructures, ensured efficient collaboration throughout the project. Bentley Navigator provided up-to-date i-model review between multi-disciplinary teams and the client, ensuring traceability of design decisions and eliminating unnecessary extras from the design. Beyond the plant design, MXROAD used LiDAR data to analyze site topography, resulting in placement that would reduce hauling costs for the lifecycle of the mine. Mintrex found that the ability to import information into Bentley software from a wide variety of sources eliminated the need for extra software, system, or training costs.
  • Operations and maintenance considerations, as well as construction sequencing were assessed using 3D i-models.
  • Integrated software allowed distributed multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate efficiently, achieving higher levels of productivity while reducing errors and re-work and meeting the ambitious design schedule.
  • Mintrex relied on Bentley software for a zero-based design approach to successfully deliver engineering and procurement for an AUD 113 million gold processing in 24 weeks.