• Intelliwave Technologies Inc.

    Alberta Oilsands

    Alberta, Canada

Project Summary


JV Driver needed to expand a major oil sands operation in northern Alberta, Canada. But to complete this massive pipe-laying project on time, they needed innovative ways to address labor shortages in the area, such as an automated way to track and update the status and location of materials trucked in every day, as construction workflows rely on material availability. They also needed to store and stage materials off-site and minimize environmental impacts of the project.


To support this project, Bentley and Intelliwave integrated ConstructSim and Intelliwave’s SiteSense RFID tracking solution. As a result, SiteSense material location and availability data is automatically sent to ConstructSim and integrated into the virtual construction model. ConstructSim allows construction planners to view complete systems down to the component level in the virtual construction model, as well as to create and revise field installation work packages (FIWPs) directly from the model with ease, efficiency, and accuracy via the integration of the real-time material availability data from SiteSense.


Using this innovative solution, JV Driver successfully installed over 200,000 linear feet of pipe and tagged equipment pieces on time and with fewer resources. ConstructSim reduced FIWP planning time by an estimated 90% on over 275 FIWP’s. Users completed the scope initial piping field installation work packages in about a week, as opposed to several months if they had used traditional scoping methods. ConstructSim also made FIWP revisions quick and easy, saving time.  


Bentley ConstructSim pulled together engineering data including the 3D design model, piping isometrics and structural steel data into a 3D construction. WorkFace Planners created field installation work packages on the 3D model, saving 750 man-hours on over 275 work packages. The 3D model also helped them take equipment needs into consideration during initial planning, resulting in more efficient equipment usage and less work package refactoring during later stages of construction. In addition to reducing the number of work package revisions, the solution cut the time required for revisions by five to ten times per revision.

  • Thanks to efficiencies gained from Bentley ConstructSim and Intelliwave SiteSense RFID technology, JV Driver expects a 10-times return on investment in these applications.
  • The software enabled JV Driver to drive materials management trial allocations and ensure only executable work is released to the field, resulting in 10-15% field productivity improvements.
User Quotes:
  • “I was able to scope our initial piping field installation work packages in about a week using Bentley ConstructSim. On a job this size, I would expect a planner to require several months to complete this task using traditional methods. ConstructSim made FIWP revisions a breeze allowing me to keep my planning crew to a minimum.”

    Darien Schultz Piping Coordinator JV Driver Projects
  • “Materials we delivered to the workface for ConstructSim field installation work packages in some cases were not immediately found by installation crews. With ConstructSim status visualizations crew foreman were able to quickly see if material had already been issued and use SiteSense to locate the materials rather than making a duplicate issue request.”

    Mike Norris Materials Manager JV Driver Projects