• Daimler Chrysler AG

    Digital Factory – Integration of Process Data


Project Summary

Daimler Chrysler (Daimler) implemented its Digital Factory, an integrated network of digital models and methods, using two separate systems: one for factory planning and the other for process planning, to facilitate holistic planning, control, and continuous improvement of its production processes. In order to streamline the planning process and reduce rework, Daimler undertook at USD 600,000 project to integrate these two systems with different scopes and deliver a productively applicable, bi-directional connection on both a geometrical and structural level.

To establish the bi-directional connection required to integrate the two systems, Daimler relied on Bentley BIM tools. Using Bentley’s 3D modeling software to reference an unlimited number of files together, Daimler filled the gap between workflows, integrating the process planning data with the factory layout data.

Bentley software enabled Daimler to fill the workflow gap and integrate data between its factory planning and process planning Digital Factory systems, eliminating expensive rework, resulting in shorter planning cycles and enhanced workflow efficiency for an overall significant monetary savings. Using Bentley BIM tools to establish a bi-directional connection between the two systems reduced time to create a 3D body shop layout from six weeks to one hour.

Using MicroStation and Bentley speedikon, Daimler combined architecture, steel works, and HVAC factory data with planning disciplines’ conveyors, logistics, assembly, and painting by referencing an unlimited amount of files together in a 3D digital mock-up of the factory. Bentley’s BIM tools allowed Chrysler to rapidly generate design alternatives and establish a valid connection between its two Digital Factory systems, eliminating rework, for a more efficient workflow.
  • Daimler relied on Bentley’s interoperable BIM tools to integrate separate factory planning and process planning systems within its Digital Factory to eliminate rework.
  • Using MicroStation and Bentley speedikon, Daimler was able to combine factory and process planning data by referencing an unlimited number of files in a digital, 3D factory mock-up.
  • Establishing a valid connection between the two systems improved communication between factory and process planners, eliminated expensive duplication of efforts and filled the workflow gap, enhancing overall quality and efficiency for a significant saving in time and money.