Tideway Tunnels C410 Central Contract

    London, United Kingdom

Project Summary

    • AECOM –Tideway Tunnels C410 Central Contract

London’s sewerage system urgently required upgrades given the increase in the city’s population and production of waste. Millions of tons of sewage spill into the River Thames’ tidal section annually, with even slight rainfall triggering these sewage discharge events. The GBP 4 million Thames Tideway Tunnel project was developed to reduce the approximately 50 spillage events each year taking place along the river to four per year. The Tideway project is divided into three contracts: east, central, and west. AECOM is the main designer on the central contract, which covers about 25 kilometers of tunnels and connecting tunnels between the towns of Acton and Abbey Mills in London.

AECOM created a new profile to the river walls, and solved design issues where large gas mains were present close to the existing walls. Gas service, as well as shipping services, had to be protected during construction and after the project’s completion. To collaborate and keep everyone on the project informed AECOM used Bentley applications to design the central contract tunnels and map out construction plans. Bentley’s ProjectWise hosted the project and facilitated access to data for all stakeholders for all eight sites. It also housed all construction models and drawings to simplify the handover process.

Data for both temporary and permanent works were accessible to all project stakeholders, no matter their location, for easier decision making. Currently, there are more than 1,100 users in the ProjectWise system, including more than 40 stakeholders. As of October 2018, there were over 190,000 documents created in the central repository, with over 4,500 drawings and 1,500 models. These users share information through defined workflows between all participants with access to the data 24/7 every day of the year. ProjectWise took what would have been a logistical nightmare, filled with document control and version issues, and remedied the issue, while also reducing labor management costs. Currently in the construction phase, the central contract of the Tideway project is on schedule to be completed in 2022.

ProjectWise was used to create a controlled and secure environment for all assets, using workflows, defined document coding, and managed workspaces.
OpenBuildings Designer (formerly AECOsim Building Designer) and MicroStation were used to create a master design model for each site in the project. OpenBuildings Designer also helped with the health and safety of the project. The team used the application for pre-construction work, allowing the design team to view all areas of the facility. This practice ensured that maintenance workers would always be visible during their inspections, improving safety on the site. Navigator’s clash detection capabilities also helped with project safety, allowing the design and modeling teams to fix any clashes before construction to streamline the project timeline. ContextCapture produced test models of specific sites, using point cloud data and simple camera shots along the shore.

Project Playbook: OpenBuildings Designer, ContextCapture, Descartes, gINT, MicroStation, Navigator, ProjectWise
  • Projekt Thames Tideway Tunnel byl vyvinut podle nařízení Evropské unie, jehož cílem je snížit problémy s odtokem odpadních vod.
  • V systému ProjectWise je přes 1 100 uživatelů, včetně více než 40 zainteresovaných subjektů.
  • Do října 2018 bylo v centrálním úložišti vytvořeno přes 190 000 dokumentů, z čehož je 4 500 výkresů a 1 500 modelů.
  • „ProjectWise od společnosti Bentley zajistil řízené prostředí, ve kterém bylo možné vytvořit virtuální reprezentaci aktiv osmi samostatných stavenišť skládajících se z více disciplín. Mohli jsme vytvářet přes 140 000 dokumentů od více než 40 zainteresovaných stran, sestávajících z více než 1 000 uživatelů koordinovaných během fáze návrhu, při výstavbě i po postavení, v rámci přípravy na předání klientovi.“

    Barry Jones Zástupce ředitele – BIM manažer AECOM