• Costain-Carillion Joint Venture

    Linka A5-M1, severní obchvat Dunstable

    Dunstable, Anglie, Spojené království

Shrnutí projektu


The A5–M1 Link scheme is being built by Highways England and its contractors Costain-Carillion Joint Venture (CCJV) and AECOM. CCJV was formed for the design and construction of the 4.5-kilometer A5–M1 Link, which creates a dual roadway connecting the A5 to the M1 via a new junction just north of Dunstable, England. HDB Associates was commissioned to implement BIM methodologies in parallel with traditional design done by CCJV. The GBP 160 million project required integrating temporary works, project constraints, and traffic management into the BIM model as well as establishing collaborative BIM workflow processes. To meet these demands with much of the design already finished in 2D, the team needed flexible, interoperable software.


Using Bentley civil design technology, the team implemented a federated BIM process to automate the production and management of data rich 3D models from the existing 2D designs. To enable the support of 4D construction sequencing and 5D cost information, as well as allow for future 6D asset models, the team created a classification system that allowed attribute data to be categorized and attached to each 3D object. CCJV used ProjectWise as the connected data environment, streamlining workflows and providing a single source of truth for effective data management and efficient collaboration among all project stakeholders.


The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley software enabled the team to maximize the use of the conventional 2D designs, enhancing efficiency and saving time. Using federated models with attributed objects in a managed 3D environment facilitated design and multi-discipline reviews to identify potential clashes and drive anticipated visibility issues, which dramatically reduced the need for costly post-construction changes. This collaborative BIM methodology streamlined workflows, improved coordination and communication, reduced risks, and enhanced quality and efficiency for effective data management aligned with lean design and construction concepts.


To create the infrastructure classification system, HDB used Bentley Class Editor for its capability to develop and maintain the project data in an interoperable file format, compatible with other software applications for use throughout the project lifecycle. Using MXROAD, OpenRoads, and MicroStation to create the 3D models provided a robust and efficient data management process, enabling the team to produce the required deliverables for construction sequencing (4D), cost information (5D), and asset models (6D) in the future. ProjectWise facilitated team collaboration and ensured a single source of truth for all project data.

Project Playbook: MXROAD, OpenRoads, MicroStation, ProjectWise

  • HDB implemented a federated BIM process to coordinate with CCJV and incorporate traditional designs to deliver the 4.5-kilometer, two-lane A5–M1 Link Road, linking a new junction with an existing smart motorway in Dunstable, England.
  • Using Bentley Class Editor, the team created an infrastructure classification system with attribute data to develop processes and models for construction sequencing, cost analysis, and lifecycle information management for future asset models.
  • Working in a connected data environment using ProjectWise optimized collaboration and ensured effective data management.
  • CCJV pushed the boundaries of the BIM strategy, using Bentley civil design applications to integrate temporary works, project constraints, and traffic management as active elements in the model.
  • “Bentley’s ambition to push technological boundaries and its ability to adapt to a changing environment has enabled the CCJV BIM team to develop a model that encourages a collaborative approach to both planning and efficiency.”

    Adam Goodall Construction Manager CCJV