OpenSite Designer is a land development and civil site design application, providing design capabilities for rapid site modeling and analysis, earthwork optimization and quantification, drainage and underground utilities, and automated project delivery. OpenSite Designer’s latest update will help reduce neighborhood layout time by 50%. Here’s what’s new in OpenSite.

Automate parcel layout

OpenSite now allows you to automate parcel layout and grading to analyze building placement feasibility and size for commercial and residential site development. You can quickly create cul-de-sacs, knuckles, and flag parcels, and adjust lots to meet local zoning and client requirements.

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Visualize residential parcel layout with LumenRT.

Automate grading

With OpenSite’s new modeling capabilities, you can easily detail individual lot grading plans to meet proper drainage flow and automate grading to identify project risk associated with earthworks. The grading plan can be revised as needed based on negative earthwork conditions. With this new automation feature, you’ll have more time to deliver better solutions to your clients.

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Automate grading to easily meet drainage flow.

Subdivide existing parcels

OpenSite now allows you to manually subdivide a parcel for right-of-way acquisition. The application allows you to quickly understand the impact of proposed right-of-way locations and the feasibility of multiple roadway alignments.

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Easily subdivide existing parcels.

Expanded production of digital deliverables

With OpenSite, you can leverage the digital DNA in engineering digital twins to help advance BIM while also creating traditional and model-based design deliverables. With the new Asset Manager capability, users can now include component attribution to develop a more efficient, data-rich BIM deliverable and export digital deliverables, including IFC, to support BIM workflows. You can also publish iModel for iTwin Design Review and iTwin Services.

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Provide component attribution with Asset Manager.

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