OpenCities Map

OpenCities Map is a GIS and mapping software for editing, analysis, and management of 2D and 3D geospatial information. Since every firm has different needs, OpenCities Map is available in three flexible options: OpenCities Map, OpenCities Map Enterprise, and OpenCities Map PowerView. We have included some great new features in the latest version.

Connect to ArcGIS Server

Natively access your mapping and city assets that are saved in the ArcGIS Server, eliminating the need to use Shapefiles or file geodatabases to transfer GIS data into your map project. Built on MicroStation, it is now easier for you to use OpenCities Map to create or maintain your ArcGIS assets using the available CAD capabilities.

ArcGis Server
Editing features queried from ArcGIS Server

Splitting and merging 3D polygons

OpenCities Map’s split and merge polygon capabilities can be applied on 3D features without needing to delete the original feature and redraw multiple new features. Ensure that the resulting polygons are graphically correct, regardless of their elevation. You can eliminate graphical errors, risk of invalid property information being assigned, and improper attribution.

3D splitting
Splitting a 3D city building

Labeling enhancement

With OpenCities Map, you can specify label frequency and area type, trim labeled elements to the preferred view, contain labels within a closed element, and set a maximum label size factor. With label collision detection, you can detect and resolve text conflicts. On annotation labels, OpenCities Map lets you address the need for white-space management. You no longer need to manually move, delete, and clean up over-posting issues, which will have a measurable impact on the time spent creating your final maps. Label collision detection is applied to labels and not exported annotations, which will ensure that the label truly reflects the property value. These new options are only available in the Technology Preview.

label frequency
Specifying label frequency.

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