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Prozkoumejte inovace s aplikacemi a řešeními využívajícími iTwin od uživatelů, partnerů a společnosti Bentley

Innovate with Digital Twins

With the help of the Bentley iTwin platform and iTwin.js, integrators, developers, engineering firms, and Bentley are solving infrastructure challenges.

M2X.AI, a software development company, uses M2 Diagram leveraging Bentley's iTwin platform. Learn how M2 Diagram helps unlock building industry data for more intelligent workflows and the future of AI using iTwin technology.


Nearbl was navigating ever-changing construction sites and was unable to track changes and manage the onboarding of various data types. Learn how the iTwin platform empowered them to visualize 3D models, enable AI to predict outcomes, and enhance augmented reality features.


Phocaz needed to integrate design data with data describing pay items and build queries and reports that could summarize, quantify, and validate the design. Find out what they made possible on the iTwin platform.

Buro Happold / SmartViz

SmartViz was challenged with inefficient buildings, lack of access to data/insights, and inability to predict the impact of changes. Find out how they imported and visualized models and managed data to store iModels.

In 2021 Bentley made a call to a select group of innovators to build their solutions on the iTwin platform. We call this initiative the iTwin Ecosystem Sponsorship Program.