Powerful Project to Asset Information Management Solutions in the Cloud

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Benefit One, Benefit Two, Benefit Three, And Benefit Four

Improve Efficiencies at Handover with Automated Data Transfer

Minimize Delays and Risks When Transferring from CDE to CDE
  • Reduce risk - Efficiently and securely transfer large numbers of documents and their data from one server to another.
  • Save time - Removes the need to manually handle and transform data.
  • Improve delivery - Supports direct transfers between servers, maximizing speed, and minimizing the impact on your internet connection.

Powerful Yet Simple Project and Asset Information Management Solution

BCDE provides a single, secure location to share and manage the latest project and asset documents, models, drawings, and data, ensuring compliance and peace of mind, with license options to scale to your needs and budget.


Project Information Management

Common data environment supporting BIM / ISO 19650 project delivery. Manage multiple file types with version control and audit history. Capture and verify deliverables, including BIM models. Review and approve data. Support contract communications through to project handover.

Extend Your Capabilities

Extending from the core BCDE are a range of integrated features delivering operational support. This includes BIM data/model viewing and management, program, and project quality assurance and compliance.

Develop a Competitive Edge

Benefit from timely insights across projects, program, and assets to help drive investment decisions across your portfolio. Ensures governance and compliance by enforcing use of industry and organizational standards. Connect data across your ecosystem by providing a single view of truth.

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