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The building design industry is rapidly evolving and requires that you deliver more innovative, safer, and optimized design alternatives, faster than ever. Your success depends on having the right technology to meet these demands, attract new business, and create a strong workforce equipped with the skills of the future.

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Linda Mangialardi, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Building Design​

We know that your projects demand the right software to drive efficiencies, boost productivity, and reclaim your creativity at work. That’s why we developed OpenBuildings Designer, a comprehensive, multidiscipline building design application that enables BIM workflows to provide information-rich models for the design, analysis, simulation, and documentation of buildings.

You can use OpenBuildings Designer to secure larger and complex projects while also ensuring optimized, error-free, and safe project delivery. Stand out from your competitors and exceed the expectations of your clients by taking advantage of our better commercial offerings, better technology, and better services.

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Why Bentley’s Technology Improves Your Project Delivery

  • Built to support the design and delivery of complex building projects
  • Automation capabilities reduce time spent on tedious manual work
  • Deliver multiple optimized and financially feasible design alternatives in days not weeks
  • Incorporate multiple discipline data in one design
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Why Bentley’s Commercial Offering is a Better Deal for Your Organization

  • Purchase your way with perpetual licenses and subscription programs
  • Take advantage of SELECT coverage, Portfolio Balancing, and License Pooling
  • Ramp up software licenses as you need and pay for what you use
  • Forget complex tokens, they are not a part of our programs
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Why Bentley's Support is Unmatched in the Industry

  • Depend on support from thousands of licensed engineers and architects
  • Access 24/7/365 live and ondemand support
  • Learn the way you want, when you want
  • Get productive as quickly as possible

Discover an all-in-one application that drives efficiencies, boosts productivity, and reclaims creativity

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