Common Modeling Environment

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You can now capture current conditions with speed and precision, through reality modeling, and use this real-world context to create better designs. Benefit from the flexibility to design, document, and construct even the most challenging multi-disciplinary projects. Use analytical modeling to simulate performance, validate the best design option, and deliver a better built asset.

Integrate design, engineering, and documentation across disciplines.

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Reality Modeling

Rapidly capture the "as-built" condition of an existing site or asset. Model within the context of existing conditions, and eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual work.

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CONNECTED User Experience

Take advantage of easy and intuitive modeling workflows. Get the access to the help you need and receive personalized learning recommendations to help you get your job done faster and more effectively. Work in the right context for each project with automated use of project standards.

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Design Modeling

Employ modeling workflows that are well integrated, and that provide the flexibility you need to capture your design intent, and easily shape and refine your designs. Rapidly progress from design intent to completed models.

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Functional Components

Create, share, and re-use model content within and across projects for all project participants in order to ensure consistency and save time.

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Documentation Center

Automate production of high-quality drawings, including multi-discipline documentation sets, which are consistent across the entire project. Create documentation reliably and quickly, without tedious, manual workflows.

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Analytical Modeling

Take advantage of new cloud based offerings that extend Bentley analytical applications to make the comparison, analysis and evaluation of complex design scenarios finally possible. Get the feedback you need to validate your design alternatives and deliver the best performing asset.

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Construction Modeling

Fill the gap between what design creates and what construction needs with Construction Modeling. Your projects will benefit from improved plan visibility, improved craft resource utilization, increased predictability, and lowered cost and risk.

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