Utilization of the Bentley LEARN Training Subscription

GHD Pty Ltd

Melbourne, Australia
2011 Be Inspired Award Winner - Sustaining the Professions

Established in 1928, GHD employs more than 6,000 people across five continents and serves clients in the global markets of water, energy and resources, environment, property and buildings, and transportation. The employee-owned company’s network of engineers, architects, planners, scientists, project managers, and economists collaborate to deliver sustainable outcomes for their clients and the community.

GHD deploys just-in-time training to prepare staff for new projects. A proactive culture also encourages staff to initiate training through the GHD Business School. Building upon strong alliances with Bentley and other providers, GHD offers a comprehensive portfolio of technical, operational, and leadership programs. Internal specific content experts provide on-site training. For example, specific content experts delivered ProjectWise training to 200 Perth office staff over two months. Remote sites effectively utilize virtual classroom learning to train staff.

The Bentley LEARN training subscription provides GHD with a cost-effective solution for learning on site and in the virtual classroom. To date, GHD personnel have completed 2,797 Learning Units. Focused training enables staff to fully utilize application suite capabilities, which improves the quality of deliverables. Pilot training programs reduce costs and enhance product implementation across multiple sites. The GHD Business School fosters a culture of continuous learning.

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