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STUDENTserver is a no-cost, self-service website designed for students to access a large library of Bentley products, training, technical support, and more. Available for students attending schools under Bentley’s generous Academic SELECT Subscription.

STUDENTserver offers students many benefits:

  • Improves your ability to finish assigned projects on time
  • Accesses software technology that covers a wide range of disciplines and subject areas for many of your tasks
  • Gives you all day, every-day access, an in-home workstation for finishing and accessing your projects at any time
  • Offers you potential job placement via networking, giving you a competitive edge for the job market

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STUDENTserver in 5 Steps

  1. Register on STUDENTserver with your school's access code from your school administrator.  
  2. Download and install Bentley software products relevant to your studies. 
  3. Take online training and learn how to use your new software.
  4. Review your Bentley training transcript and forward to potential employers for internships or full employment.
  5. Access Be Communities for networking opportunities and to find a wealth of information such as technical answers via  the wikis, tech notes, product forums, and more.

Still need help? Please view our registration video.


Don't forget to ask your school administrator for your school's access code to register!

For more information, please contact the Academic team at or call 1-800-BENTLEY