The Leading AutoCAD-based Plant Engineering Design CAD and CAE Software

Bentley AutoPLANT V8i is the mature, industry-proven, AutoCAD market leading, 2D and 3D plant design suite helping to cost effectively manage all plant size projects through an integrated environment that supports design, management, and review from all stakeholders — saving money, improving project speed, and providing safer infrastructure.

With AutoPLANT, design teams leverage decades of AutoCAD plant design experience to create models with confidence and provide clear and accurate project deliverables. Using the leading plant design suite means you can both quickly find trained users and get new designer engineers up to speed on AutoPLANT's easy-to-use GUI.

Whether you're a small design shop or a multinational organization, AutoPLANT's scalable design provides the right price point for any size project. DWG files are easily organized and managed to provide multidiscipline support and synchronization for multiple engineers to work on piping, equipment, instrumentation, and more, all in a well-organized way.

With Bentley, you're not limited to only working within the design phase or only with people who know how to use a CAD tool. AutoPLANT works with a wide range of Bentley applications to provide management visibility into all project phases, rapidly and accurately communicating between designers and operational engineers, and streamlining review processes to rapidly gain higher accuracy feedback.

With AutoPLANT, you'll be more productive, have lower project risk, and be able to provide higher quality models and other deliverables. That means faster projects at lower costs while still improving plant safety.

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The latest version of Bentley's premier plant design software offering, AutoPLANT V8i, offers better integration with ProjectWise. Whether the task is plant engineering and design, plant construction, or plant maintenance, AutoPLANT V8i's software offerings can meet your needs.