Bentley Institute Learning Units

Learning with Bentley

Measure Skills Improvement Over Time

Learning Units are Bentley Institute’s equivalent to Professional Development Hours (PDHs). One hour of completed training is equal to one Learning Unit. When you complete a course, the Learning Units you have accrued will be added to your online transcript.

Learning Units Showcase Professional Growth


Demonstrate Skills Improvement to Advance Your Career

Learning Units track the time you invest in improving your skills. Measure your
learning achievements to establish your growing value to your organization and
advance your career.


Personal Learning History

Use your online transcript reports to demonstrate your professional growth over time
and to self report professional development hours as required.
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Learning Units Quantify Return on Training Investments


Strengthen Competitive Advantage

Learning Units quantify the time your organization invests in workforce development. Calculate the return on your training investment or measure your team’s learning achievements to establish a competitive advantage.

Team Learning History

Organization-wide learning reports track team skills improvement over time to demonstrate your organization’s competitive learning advantage. Contact your account manager for your latest report.